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QicoBay C1

World’s 1st Auto-restringing Flosser

The Next-Gen flosser is here! QicoBay C1 is a stylish and eco-friendly flosser that is superior to both. It combines the best features of simple use in floss picks and eco-friendliness in string floss, to easily protect your teeth as well as our earth.

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Floss Capsule

No more single-use picks!

Single-use floss sticks are already polluting our oceans and planet too much, and germs and micro-plastics are harming wildlife and humans ourselves. Floss capsules made of biodegradable and anti-bacterial materials would be a perfect solution, and we offer a Q-cycle recycling program to minimize pollution and waste to zero.

Single-use picks

Floss Capsule


Flossing can be a serious pain for most people, and I love the innovation that will help people floss easier. QicoBay made it happened.

Dr. Miles Madison

Flossing every day keeps my teeth healthy, but really dislike disposable floss sticks. QicoBay C1 has changed all that, it's just so fancy and the experience is really cool.

Jessica Rodgers

I really love this invention! It makes it so much easier for me to floss, and it's amazing and eco-friendly that I don't have to throw it away after a month of use!

Patrick G. Morgan

About Us

Born to innovate and protect the planet

QicoBay was founded in Silicon Valley and is dedicated to creating innovative and eco-friendly health products. Our founders previously worked at Google and Saks Fifth Avenue. Our mission is to create innovative and environmentally-friendly products that promote health and wellness.

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Environmental Contributions

Integrating environmental protection into innovation

We are passionate about sustainability and believe that every small step we take towards protecting our planet makes a big difference. Not only do our products completely avoid the contamination problems associated with floss sticks, but all of our packaging is completely free of plastic and designed with reuse in mind.

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