QicoBay Floss Capsule

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It is the quick refill for the QicoBay flosser, designed to significantly reduce single-use plastic waste and contribute to zero waste by global upcycling.
Flavor: Unflavored
Pack: Single Pack
Pre-orders of Super Mint floss capsule will be shipped in Feb, 2024.

The floss capsule can only be used with QicoBay flosser, not on its own or other flossers.

Floss Capsule

No more single-use picks!

Single-use floss sticks are already polluting our oceans and planet too much, and germs and micro-plastics are harming wildlife and humans ourselves. Floss capsules made of biodegradable and anti-bacterial materials would be a perfect solution, and we offer a Q-cycle recycling program to minimize pollution and waste to zero.

Single-use Picks

Floss Capsule


Multiple Flavors for Your Moods

QicoBay Floss Capsules are available in a variety of flavors to match your different moods. The flavors are made with high quality natural flavors to help bring fresher breath while you clean your teeth.

Customer Reviews

Jessica Martinez

Game-changer of floss!

QicoBay floss capsules are a game-changer! As someone who cares about the environment, I love that I no longer have to use disposable floss picks. The added bonus of the antibacterial function is also great for my oral health.

William Thompson

A new must-have on the go!

QicoBay floss capsules are a must-have for anyone who wants to maintain good oral hygiene on the go. They're easy to use and the antibacterial function gives me peace of mind. Love them!

Ashley A. Lee

Love the green tea flavor.

I'm all about eco-friendly products, so when I discovered QicoBay floss capsules, I was thrilled. They work really great and I love the green tea flavor. Will definitely be purchasing more.

Andrew Wilson

A lifesaver for me as a traveler.

As a frequent traveler, I really appreciate the portability of QicoBay floss capsules. They take up hardly any space in my toiletry bag and they work just as well as regular floss. Highly recommend.

Samantha Scott

Benefit the health and the earth!

I love how innovative these floss capsules are. They're unlike anything I've ever used before, but they quickly became part of my daily routine. And let's not forget the environmental benefits!