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Dive Deeper: Discovering the Heart of Qicobay C1 Flosser

The heart of innovative floss

Ever wondered about the magic behind our groundbreaking QicoBay C1 Flosser? Today, let's take you on a journey into the core components and the ingenious working mechanism that make it truly exceptional.

Innovative Composition

The foundation of QicoBay C1 flosser lies in its thoughtfully selected materials.

The flosser's body is crafted from 100% recyclable plastic, echoing our dedication to a greener world.

The refillable floss capsule takes it up a notch with a blend of 30% recyclable plastic and 70% bio-degradable plastic – a harmony of durability and sustainability.

The plastic used in our product, accounts for just a fraction of what would be required for 90 plastic picks, namely one-tenth of the required plastic material, which only weighs 9 grams.


Unveiling the Sterilization Mechanism

Here's where the magic happens! Our QicoBay C1 flosser boasts cutting-edge antimicrobial materials that work in perfect harmony.

But wait, there's more! The integration of built-in Ag+ ions takes things to the next level. When you press the designated button, the floss string is exposed to these silver ions. This automatic process eradicates bacteria, leaving you with a sterilized and safe product, every time. 


To further ensure overall hygiene, the edges of the pole can be easily cleansed with water or moistened wipes in instances of inadvertent contamination with impurities. Our product is designed with ease of maintenance in mind, ensuring that every aspect remains as hygienic as possible. 


Recyclable and Refillable Brilliance

The heart of QicoBay also champions zero waste.


Q-cycle plan is launched by QicoBay company to recylce the used QicoBay flosser, by which you can simple return and recycle the used floss capsule for free and contribute to the zerowaste industry.


Each floss string, an integral part of the refillable floss capsule, can be used approximately 90 times. When it's time for a change, simply replace it with another floss capsule! 


QicoBay C1 Flosser isn't just about dental care; it's a sustainable smile solution. With its eco-friendly materials, sterilization prowess, and commitment to zero waste, it's a game-changer for both oral hygiene and the environment.

So, here's to healthier smiles and a greener planet – thanks for using QicoBay C1 Flosser!

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